TEFL -Teach English As A Foreign Language.

English foreign language teachers help adults and children to learn or improve their English all over the world.

In just 2-4 weeks you could be fully trained and qualified to teach English online from anywhere in the world. All teachers need is an internet connection and they’re good to go. So whether you’re travelling the world or enjoying home comforts you have the ability to earn a lucrative salary and set your own schedule, so you can spend your free time on things that matter.

There are many ways you can teach English. Language schools and online English teaching companies are amongst the most popular. You could also consider becoming a freelance English teacher and having your own regular students and client base.

Whichever path you take, you’ll meet great people from all kinds of cultures and career backgrounds.

To Teach English as a Foreign Language abroad or online, you need to have received professional training and certification from a recognised training provider. We are proud to say that  Upskill Academy is a leading TEFL qualification provider. Our TEFL certification is recognised & trusted by employers all over the world. Many of our graduates go on to secure TEFL employment with the largest online English teaching companies as well as traditional language schools all over the world. We will guide you through the entire process and even help you land your first teaching job.

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Advanced TEFL Course

Our 120 Hour Advance TEFL course is a globally recognised teacher training programme that is ideal for anyone wishing to teach English as a foreign language in a school or online.

The comprehensive course covers the principles of effective English language teaching.

Upon completion you will have the qualification, teaching skills and confidence to begin a career as a teacher anywhere in the world.

Study is self-paced and completed online through our award winning e-learning platform. You can learn in your own time and on your schedule. Typically students complete the course in 2-4 weeks.