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The 120 Hour Advanced TEFL course is a globally recognised teacher training programme that is ideal for anyone wishing to teach English as a foreign language in a school or online. This comprehensive course covers the principles of effective English language teaching. Upon completion you will have the qualification, teaching skills and confidence to begin a career as a teacher anywhere in the world. Study is self-paced and completed online through our award winning e-learning platform. You can learn in your own time and on your schedule. Typically students complete the course in 2-4 weeks.

Module 1: Teaching English as a foreign language.
Understand the core principles of effective EFL Teaching, including teaching young learners, student motivation, language levels and teaching methods.

Module 2: Teaching Grammar
All things grammar and how to teach it to language students, from verb usage to choosing prepositions.

Module 3: Teaching Vocabulary
When vocabulary is taught well, it helps to develop confidence, knowledge, and a more in-depth understanding of the English language.

Module 4: Reading Skills
This module focuses on breaking down reading into manageable parts so that students can build on their reading skills and become proficient readers. It covers how to work with beginners and how to progress further with advanced reading skills.

Module 5: Listening Skills

In this module, the teacher will find out why listening is so important from a learning and teaching perspective, and which tasks and exercises make an engaging lesson for listening purposes.

Module 6: Speaking Skills

This module shows you the many opportunities for fun, interactive and interesting activities you can do when presenting a speaking lesson. You will be given an introduction on how to provide a learning experience that will equip your students with the speaking skills they need to navigate the real world in English.

Module 7: Writing Skills

In this module, we explore the principles and methods of teaching writing in the English language.

Module 8: Lesson Planning

Never underestimate the value of the lesson planning process. Simply put, good lesson planning is the foundation of excellent teaching. Let’s create an effective & engaging lesson.

Module 9: Classroom Management 

This module covers the core aspects of classroom management and the teaching actions which impact the quality of the learning environment such as: setting and enforcing rules, establishing routines, giving instructions, dealing with bad behaviour, supporting student participation and organising the classroom.

Module 10: Find a TEFL Job

This module covers the process of TEFL job searches from start to finish. This begins with starting the process by building a specialist TEFL CV, effective teacher interview techniques, preparation, and finding the right role.

The ICOVT (International Council of Online Vocational Training) is committed to ensuring education providers around the world give students the highest quality of professional training. When you see ICOVT’s stamp of approval you can be sure that the course of study has met stringent criteria to make certain it offers outstanding tuition.

Based in the UK, Upskill Academy is a leading TEFL  provider. Our TEFL certification is recognised & trusted by employers all over the world. Many of our graduates go on to secure TEFL employment in language schools in Asia, Europe and North America.

Furthermore, we have partnered with a number of leading English teaching companies.
Once you pass the course, you will be invited to apply to one of our associate schools.

What is a TEFL certification?

A “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) certificate shows an employer your proficiency in teaching English as a foreign language, the 120 hour certificate is the most frequently accepted TEFL qualification worldwide. The main requirement to complete a TEFL course is to be able to speak English to native standard. Today most TEFL qualifications are completed online, however some are still studied for in a classroom environment. 

How do I get a TEFL certificate?

The standard amount of study time required throughout the TEFL industry is 120 hours.

Completing your TEFL training online is the most cost-effective & flexible way to kick start your teaching career. When you study TEFL online you choose when and where you want to learn.

When choosing where to get a TEFL certificate, there are some things you must be aware of, 

  • Make certain the course is accredited and the certificate is recognised worldwide.

  • The study time is 120 hours.

  • Always check the TEFL provider reviews on Trustpilot or Google.

  • The course offers employment support.

Are there any entry requirements for Upskill Academy’s TEFL course? 

No, anyone fluent in English can enrol on the 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course. There are no formal qualifications required.

What is the difference between TEFL & TESOL?

TEFL – “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” qualification  is the most frequently accepted certificate globally. The certificate demonstrates to an employer your proficiency in teaching English as a foreign language. The main requirement to complete a TEFL course is to be able to speak English to native standard. TEFL training is usually completed online, however study can also take place in a classroom. 

This type of certificate allows you to teach English students all over the world. 

TESOL – “Teaching English as a Second Language” or TESL. With this type of certificate you may prefer to teach English solely in your home country. Possibility to learners who now reside in an English speaking county. These types of students are immersed in the language and speaking English everyday, unlike TEFL students who in most cases will be studying in their home county.

Do I need to speak another language to teach English abroad or online?

No,  a TEFL teacher is not required to speak a foreign language. To help students become fully immersed in the language,  a teacher will  usually  speak English at all times during a lesson. You may consider  learning  a few simple phrases of the students’ own language, to greet and introduce yourself. However, you certainly won’t need to be fluent. It’s far more important that students be fully engrossed in the English language.

Does Upskill Academy’s TEFL course offer any job support?

Yes. Module 10 is dedicated to finding and securing TEFL employment. Furthermore, upon completion of the course, you will be notified of current TEFL teacher vacancies.

Where and how do I complete the 120 hour advanced TEFL Course?

Study is self-paced and completed online through our award winning e-learning platform. During enrollment you will be given your own student account for you to begin the course at your convenience.

How long does it take to finish the course?

With self-paced learning it really up to you. Most students complete the course in 2-4 weeks.

Can I Teach children with a TEFL certificate? 

Yes, many of our graduates teach English to children of all ages. Module 1 contains a lesson dedicated to young learners.

Do I need a Bachelor’s degree to take a TEFL course?

No, anyone fluent in English can enrol on the 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course. There are no formal qualifications required. 

It’s worth noting that in certain countries some employers prefer you hold a degree as well as a TEFL certificate. However if you have teaching experience and can demonstrate your ability, it’s still worth applying for those vacancies.

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